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New technologies and methods are part and parcel of the generator industry, but the pace of change seems to be faster than ever these days. Backup power system manufacturers are adding features and functions to make generators quieter, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. With every improvement comes an important question: do the technicians installing your generator have the skills and knowledge to provide the best service, considering the latest advancements?

Gentech Power Inc. is the premier emergency power generation service provider in Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are a customer-centered organization focusing on anticipating, assessing and understanding our customers' needs, and then providing the solutions to meet those needs. It’s no mistake that we have a golden logo, we strive to treat all of our customers the way we would like to be treated. Our customers are busy professionals, and therefore our service solutions are always no hassle and straight to the point.

We are dedicated generator service organization with the most highly trained and committed service team. We stand behind your power generator systems with our PowerPlus program to provide the advantage of extra measure of protection and care to your critical power equipment.

When you choose Gentech Power Inc., you are choosing outstanding service, exceptional reliability, stability, experience, state-of-the-art service tools and cost effectiveness.

  • 24-hour emergency service, average response time 1 – 1.5 hours.
  • Fully customized Power Protection Advantage program to suit your needs
  • Written estimates on all repairs and equipment history tracking.
  • On-site communication with the customer to develop a plan that best suits your needs.

These are reasons why our customers can enjoy the comfort of knowing that in the event of an emergency, their power requirements will be met and their investments will be protected.

Maintenance Programs

To gain more advantages and value to your equipment, comprehensive, scheduled maintenance programs from our PowerPlus Power Protection Program can:

  • Fix your service and repair cost
  • Minimize unexpected and costly downtime
  • Prevent expensive and unnecessary upgrades
  • Avoid expensive and unnecessary replacement of entire gensets

Emergency Calls, Services & Repairs

When you call Gentech Power in the event of an emergency, for trouble-shooting, or repair, the entire team at Gentech Power team work collaboratively to solve your dilemma without delay. Having large inventories of parts and a strong geographical coverage of dispatching locations in two provinces, parts are delivered and technicians are dispatched to ensure your equipment is back in service as soon as possible.

Our emergency service can be reached 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. After business hours, our after-hour representative will have our on-call technician respond to your needs in a timely manner. An early, preventative call, on the other hand, can keep a degrading situation become a costly affair where repair is no longer an option. If your system is beyond repair, we can provide you with rentals or recommend a replacement unit.

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Preventative Services

Fuel System Care & Fuel Maintenance

A generator system that draws its diesel fuel from stationary tank and stationary diesel is much prone to deterioration if the fuel and the fuel system have not been cared for regularly. Poor fuel affects the emission, engine life, engine oil, fuel lines, fuel pumps, and etc, that in turn reduce the life and performance of a generator system.

Generator Cleaning Service

Regular generator cleaning will enhance the safety, reliability and appearance of your power systems.

PowerPlus Services offers industrial solutions delivering safe and professional cleaning services with trained and experienced technicians. With professional services, you benefit from in-depth cleaning that includes components that regular clean staff don’t or are unable to clean. This will reduce health and safety risks and slip hazards for staff, clients and contractors.


If you have a power application that is temporary or for an emergency, Total Power can provide the best equipment with full features, to suit your needs. From large gensets to small portables, Total Power has the right equipment for you.

  • Generators with 15kW – 2,000kW output
  • Load Banks
  • Transfer Switches
  • Air conditioners, chillers, air compressors that are 100% oil free, transformers and etc.

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